SHOCKING NEWS: It’s official: Celtic won’t win the league…

You are a fool if you found solace in yesterday’s events at Livingston.

Furious Celtic fans 'close to fisticuffs' as tempers flare at Parkhead |  Celtic Way

The fact that Celtic won 0–3 on a challenging surface is unimportant considering what transpired when the scores were tied at zero.

The ball was given to Kyogo inside the Livingston box. Mikey Devlin, the captain of Livi, knocked down the Japanese attacker by crashing into his standing leg.

Referee Don Robertson did not respond; he has already given up one Celtic penalty this season.

Remarkably, Robertson was not requested to investigate the event by the Video Assistant Referee.

Although referees aren’t always there, that should have been a penalty.

But VAR saw what the rest of us saw, and the fact that a group of referees monitoring the match concluded the event was not significant enough to bring up with the referee says all you need to know about how this season will conclude.

The choice has been made, and it does not favour us.

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