News Report: The Edmonton Oilers are among the top eight clubs in the NHL for nine reasons…

It seems like the Edmonton Oilers are starting to peak during the Stanley Cup Playoffs.

The team is aiming to finish at the top of the challenging Pacific Division going into the last ten games of the regular season.

Yes, some people are still not thrilled with the lineup cards that an NHL coach and general manager are drawing.

Nine Items

9. This week, goaltender Olivier Rodrigue received a two-way contract extension that will keep him in the league through 2024–2025.

Rodrique had a record of 17-10-4 for AHL Bakersfield as of Saturday, along with a 2.72 GAA and a.915 SV%.

8. When play began on Saturday, Connor McDavid was third in the NHL in terms of scoring. Subsequently, his position changed to second, first, second, and back to third.

The race for the Art Ross between McDavid, Kucherov, and MacKinnon should be an absolute blast if those 24 hours were any guide.

7. I don’t want to give those who would point fingers at anything about Zach Hyman’s season with 50 or more goals too much credit.

I will say this: It’s quite likely that those that did so had never participated in a high-level competitive hockey game.

Had they done so, they would have realised how difficult it is to achieve what Hyman has. It is ignorance, to put it simply.

6. A string of erratic performances had been plaguing Vincent Desharnais. The hand injury is what caused the dip.

One wonders if that has affected his puck skills, which are otherwise getting better.

However, Desharnais looked a whole lot better and was able to clearly simplify his style versus Anaheim.

But the Ducks were the opposition as well. The tests in the next two games ought to be more significant.

5. It was unfortunate that Cody Ceci was forced to miss time due to sickness following what was likely his best outing (against L.A.) since the New Year.

However, it did give Troy Stecher another chance to get into the starting lineup. At the deadline, some supporters demanded an improvement in defence.

And I understand that. However, Stecher improved defensive depth.

It will be very helpful to have a player with more than 500 NHL regular season and postseason games on his record in case of injuries during the playoffs.

4. If you’re an Oilers fan, you undoubtedly witnessed Ryan Nugent-Hopkins’s overruled high sticking penalty against Winnipeg last week.

Since then, there has been a lot of discussion on possible changes to the review rule, which are probably coming by the upcoming season.

Knowing that it’s an attempt to get the calls right, I would be cool with that. But that was not where it had to end.

Being a certified on-ice official (many years ago), I can attest that our teachers instilled in us the importance of never “guessing.” And that official did just that—”guess.”


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