UNBELIEVABLE NEWS: West Ham United Head Coach retire some players, “i don’t want them back to the club”

 West Ham United Head Coach retire some players, “i don’t want them back to the club”

Consequently, what happened? Having been without a club since leaving Real Madrid as a free agent in the summer, the former Belgium international opted to hang up his boots at the age of thirty-two. But Nolan has left the door open for a possible opportunity at the London Stadium and thinks Hazard might be tempted to do a U-turn in the upcoming months.

WHAT THEY SAID: “I’d have Chelsea’s Hazard at West Ham, yeah,” the first-team coach of West Ham stated on talkSPORT Drive. “I mean, I would be happy to come and give it a try if he so desired. Regarding the gaffer [David Moyes], I am not familiar. But I’d definitely like to give him a try! He’s had some of the greatest seasons in the Premier League. been a part of and among the top objectives. To be honest, I think it’s terrible that at 32, he’s decided to retire because I think a player of his caliber could continue at the highest level for a very long time. In the next six months to a year, I wouldn’t be shocked if we saw a slight reversal on that.”

LARGER PICTURE: When host Andy Goldstein probed Nolan further about if West Ham was attempting to sign both Hazard and Harry Maguire, the defender for Manchester United, he smiled and said, “I just think that at 32, he’s just put out that he’s retired.” I can still clearly recall how many times [Paul] Scholes did that.

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