DONE DEAL: The Detroit Lions signed a gifted cornerback…

During the last stretch of the season and their postseason push, the Detroit Lions started Kindle Vildor in the starting lineup.

According to his agency, the cornerback is now re-signing with the organisation for an additional season.

Vildor’s tenure in the Lions starting lineup was erratic. He ticked off significant boxes for this coaching staff by being physically present close to the line of scrimmage.

However, there were covering mishaps, and the horrific alley-oop off his facemask during the NFL championship game will never be forgotten.

He made five appearances, starting two during the regular season and three more during the postseason.

In four appearances, Vildor was criticised for giving up 21 catches on 34 targets for 448 yards and three touchdowns.

Nevertheless, he contributed eight PFF run stops, and given his style, he might be someone to keep an eye on in the event of an injury or for special teams.

However, by signing again, the 26-year-old is back together with Deshea Townsend, the coordinator of the passing game and new defensive backs for the Lions.

Vildor entered the league as a fifth-round pick in 2020, and Townsend was leading the Chicago Bears’ secondary at the time.

The coach seemed excited about the prospect of working with the cornerback once more.

“Kindle was one of the guys I drafted in Chicago, so you kind of know him from doing them over the years.”

At the combine, Townsend spoke to a group of local media, saying, “I’m just excited to work with them and see how I can make them better.”

“I believe you acquired him from the practice squad somewhere else—a player who was playing in Chicago—and he’s helping us get into the biggest game of our life.

That’s why those guys are here, then. You can see that he possesses a certain skill set, at least mentally and physically.

All you ask of your guys is that. You want to be able to leave the house without blinking.

Either way, the Lions still need help at cornerback. Vildor or not.

He adds youthful depth to a position of need, but they ought to be searching for a starting-caliber player to partner alongside Amik Robertson and Carlton Davis III.

After making headlines for all the wrong reasons for a month, Cam Sutton has resigned.

Jerry Jacobs was let walk by the Lions and is still unsigned. Robertson, Vildor, Davis, and Emmanuel Moseley are all signed for a single season.

But Townsend is certain about the kind of player he wants in his room.

Furthermore, Vildor has demonstrated that, at the most fundamental level, he plays the defensive back position that the Lions seek, even though he won’t alter the team’s needs or vision.

“You can’t play if you can’t tackle. At the combine, Townsend declared, “That’s it.” You cannot play if it is on the tape and you refuse to tackle it.

In the end, all I’m looking for are individuals that are eager to make the first move and don’t back down from touch. The next question is, “How close can you get in coverage?” for us.

From then on, the technique is built upon. How can I assist them? Apart from that, I won’t tolerate it if you don’t tackle.

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