BREAKING NEWS: The Yankees’ superhero leads this irksome statistic in MLB…

Aaron Judge, the captain of the Yankees, went 0-for-3 in Tuesday’s 7-0 loss to the Arizona Diamondbacks, extending his poor start to the year.,h_1123,w_2000,x_0,y_0/c_fill,f_auto,h_900,q_auto,w_1600/v1/m/9/6/9659d712d93ba13fd7708a96cb606db21e7d0261/yankees-aaron-judge-leads-mlb-frustrating-stat.jpg

Judge (3-for-24,.125 BA) lost his cool in the top of the third inning when umpire Scott Barry ruled strike three on a 3-2 pitch that appeared low.

Judge’s frustration may be somewhat attributed to his difficult opening week of the season, but it might also be because he is regularly the target of these erroneous calls.

According to Codify on “X,” between 2017 and 2023, the 6-foot-7 Judge saw 160 pitches over the plate but below the strike zone, or 63 more than the next-closest hitter.

Despite that setback, Judge has slugged 253 home missiles and driven in 562 runs throughout that time, making him one of the MLB’s most formidable hitters.

Additionally, the 31-year-old has strengthened his plate discipline and eye.

According to Baseball Savant, he finished in the 93rd percentile for pitches chased in 2023, which is a nine percentile improvement from 2022 and a career high.

Despite their three-hole hitter’s problems, New York’s offence is blazing. Five of the Yankees’ six games this season have seen at least four runs scored. They are now 5-1.

What’s even more encouraging for the Yankees is that Anthony Volpe and Juan Soto are leading the way in making pitchers work hard for every out.

As a team, New York has seen 163.2 pitches per game this year. The Yankees found it difficult to score runs against the Astros’ starting pitchers in the first two games of their series.

When the Bronx Bombers faced Houston’s bullpen, they performed far better.

Cristian Javier of Houston held New York scoreless for six innings on March 30 before the bullpen collapsed, giving up seven runs over the final three innings.

Not surprisingly, Tuesday’s shutout loss to the Diamondbacks saw the Yankees see the fewest pitches of the season (131).

There will inevitably be some poor performances over a 162-game season, but the Yankees’ methodical approach to the plate will enable them to make it back to the postseason. And be careful if Judge starts talking.

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