BAD NEWS: Celtics young elite star removed from then club after choking former Celtics gifted player.

Former Celtics Player Chokes Another During Heated Olympic Exhibition

Video: Evan Fournier Ejected After Choking Dennis Schröder During France  vs. Germany | News, Scores, Highlights, Stats, and Rumors | Bleacher Report

Though the 2024 Olympics haven’t started yet, there have already been a few contentious incidents, one involving two former Boston Celtics players.

Dennis Schroder and Evan Fournier got into a furious altercation during a France-Germany exhibition game after Fournier fouled Schroder while he was driving to the basket. In the first half of France’s 90-66 triumph, the two former Celtics players engaged in a brief altercation before teammates intervened to break it up.

Evan Fournier Ejected After Choking Former Celtics Player Dennis Schroder

France’s Fournier fouled Schroder, who drove the lane during an Olympic demonstration on Saturday, July 6, with his side leading 41-23 late in the first half. Following the forceful takedown, Schroder stood up and confronted Fournier.

When Schroder seemed to reach for Fournier, the latter responded by briefly strangling Schroder until teammates intervened to defuse the situation before it got out of hand. Referees tossed Fournier after the two players calmed down.

Fournier concluded his day with five points in his eight minutes of play, while Schroder finished the game with 23 points in 28 minutes.

Victor Wembanyama of France stole the show, even though the first half of the play was dominated by the altercation. The best player for the San Antonio Spurs finished with 25 points in the crushing victory, making 10 of his 16 attempts from the field.

The two squads will play each other again on August 2 since they are grouped in the same Olympic group.

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