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Former Player Says NFL is Helping Ravens

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Robert Griffin III, a former quarterback for the Baltimore Ravens, believes that the NFL is assisting the team in winning a title.

The former ESPN presenter elaborated in a video that he shared on social media about his belief that the NFL is plotting to help the Ravens “get over the hump.”

“At this point in Lamar Jackson’s career — every season is Super Bowl or bust,” Griffin stated. That demonstrates how unique the two-time MVP has been. And a club or player who overcomes adversity is the only thing the NFL desires more than a dynasty like the Chiefs. And the NFL schedule planners are attempting to assist the Ravens in doing precisely that. They extended their relaxation period by 16 days over their  opponents… in addition, they make sure the Ravens don’t spend more than two weeks in a row away from home, or rather, on the road. They want to confirm that they have had enough sleep. Lamar Jackson and Derrick Henry are a potent playmaking tandem, so it makes sense that the NFL would want them to get enough sleep.

The previous Heisman Trophy winner also downplayed the difficult opening slate of games for the Ravens this season, which includes the Chiefs, Raiders, Cowboys, Bills, and Bengals, asserting that the Ravens’ unique mindset will make the games less difficult than they appear. He even referred to the Chiefs’ Week 1 game as a “wash.”

“Remember, when the schedule is released in that building, the Ravens never say, ‘Oh my goodness, we got to play that team, and that team, and that team, and that team!'” The fact that those teams must play the Ravens separates them from the rest of the league in terms of mentality.

There’s no denying that the Ravens have a difficult schedule. No “mentality” will take away from the challenge of a game, especially for a highly skilled club such as Baltimore.

It also raises the question of how precisely the league and schedule could help the Ravens.

Qualify for the postseason? They most likely would have with this roster.

Safeguard the home-field advantage? In the AFC Championship game played at home, the Ravens were defeated last year.

The competition in the playoffs is the “hump” that the Ravens must overcome, and much like other teams in NFL history, they will have to do it alone.

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