BREAKING NEWS: Panthers keen to lock down two of their star to a multi million life time contract.

Penrith Panthers bombshell in $13 million contract development around Ivan and Nathan Cleary


According to reports, the Penrith Panthers are about to start talks to sign father-son combination Ivan and Nathan Cleary to a lifetime contract, which could cost up to $13 million. Although halfback Nathan and coach Ivan have contracts with the Panthers through the end of 2027, the Daily Telegraph reports that the franchise wants to extend them even further in light of the possibility of NRL expansion teams.

The story claims that the Panthers are eager to give the Clearys’ contracts an additional five years, ending in 2032. According to the statistics floating around, father Ivan could make an astounding $1.2 million a season, while Nathan might make $1.5 million.

This indicates that a five-year contract for both would be the greatest package deal in NRL history, valued at an astounding $13.5 million. If the North Sydney Bears are successful in their ambition to join the NRL through expansion, they have already expressed their desire to hire Ivan Cleary as their coach. In 1994 and 1995, Ivan played for the Chicago Bears.

“Ideally, the coach should have a long history with the team,” recently stated North Sydney chair Daniel Dickson. “Ivan has that, too.”

Brian Fletcher, CEO of the Panthers, said that the team would not want to see Nathan or Ivan go. “We plan to hold some talks in the near future,” Fletcher stated to the Daily Telegraph. “They’re here till ’27, but as players and coaches, we’d like to make them Panthers for life.

“Any new franchise would naturally aim for them. They have contributed so much to our achievement. Although our paths should position us for success in the long run, you still want and want the best player and coach to guide us.

George Mimis, who represents Nathan and has previously counseled Ivan, stated: “Penrith would not incur any risk by signing them both to a long-term contract. They truly adore Penrith, the gorgeous family, and they are devoted.

both the locality and the region. We would be more than willing to talk. Why would they want to search somewhere else when they’ve created such a wonderful culture?

The Panthers have appeared in four straight grand finals under the leadership of Ivan and Nathan Cleary, with three premierships in the last three years. One of the most prosperous dynasties in rugby league history has been established by the Panthers, and there is no reason why it can’t last.

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