Breaking: Philadelphia Eagles mention some players who going be so exceptional this 2024/2025 campaign..

The Philadelphia Eagles will start over in the 2024 NFL season. The Eagles will be hoping to recover

from a lackluster conclusion to the previous year and re-enter the race for the top spot.

The Eagles will need some important players to have outstanding seasons in order for that to occur. In

the NFL, players who have exceptional seasons are frequently rewarded with postseason hardware, so

it’s reasonable to assume that if the Bengals have a successful season, some players may receive

Brecognition from the league.

These three Eagles have a chance to win significant NFL awards in 2024.

Nick Sirianni, Coach of the Year

Commence at the top. In 2024, Nick Sirianni will have to make the most of the team’s talent in order to

return the Eagles to the top of the conference. There’s no reason he shouldn’t be discussed for Coach of

the Year if he can accomplish that.

As the Eagles’ head coach, Sirianni is about to begin his fourth season, and he has already enjoyed

considerable success. During his first three seasons, the team qualified for the playoffs each time, and in

2022, he guided them to the Super Bowl. But following last year’s late-season collapse, some demanded

that he be fired. But he held onto it, and 2024 will give Sirianni the chance to really solidify his status as

a top player in the league.

There will be a lot of expectations in Philadelphia because of their highly skilled attack and newly

improved defense. Perhaps Sirianni will complete the season with some new hardware for his mantle if

the Eagles can live up to expectations.

Quinyon Mitchell, Defensive Rookie of the Year

Quinyon Mitchell, a 22-year-old cornerback out of Toledo, was selected by the Eagles in the first round

of the 2024 NFL Draft. Mitchell might contribute significantly to Philadelphia straight away. Even if he

doesn’t open the season as a starter, he should still receive a lot of snaps. He might have the chance to

compete for the starting role with Darius Slay during training camp. After last season, the Eagles needed

a significant improvement at cornerback, and if Mitchell can deliver it, maybe at the conclusion of the

season, he’ll be awarded some hardware.

Jalen Hurts, MVP

While it’s well knowledge that Jalen Hurts had a lackluster season in 2023, he was just two years

removed from being second in the MVP voting in 2022, behind Patrick Mahomes. Given the

improvements the Eagles have made to their offense, there’s no reason to believe that Hurts can’t return

to his MVP level. Hurts might put up some incredible numbers if Philadelphia’s offense is as strong as it

looks on paper. If the Eagles are winning the league, Hurts might win MVP once more after coming close

a few years ago.

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