Breaking: Regarding the launch of a new campaign, Wayne Rooney made a significant statement….

Wayne Rooney has wasted no time in starting to implement the style of play that he wants to see from

his new Plymouth Argyle side so they are fully prepared for the start of the 2024/25 Championship


Rooney is looking for the Pilgrims to be ‘very organised’ but to also combine that with playing ‘good,

entertaining football’ and the work on achieving those aims has already begun at the start of pre-season

training this week.

The Argyle head coach has been impressed with what he has seen from the players so far, but has made

it clear to them he wants to bring in more new recruits, to add to the three who have arrived so far this


Rooney declared: “My goal has always been to play exciting football and become an offensive coach. Of

course, I also want control; I don’t want the press to be disorganized.

“I believe my teams have always been very well-organized, but we also play excellent, entertaining

football, and everyone likes to see goals scored, so that’s understandable. My entire play style is designed

to do that.

“Obviously, getting that into the players over the next five or six weeks for the season’s opening game

will take a lot of work. That is what we have already been working on right now.During my years of

training, pre-season changed over the years. It started with beach running and ended with the first week

without seeing a ball. Every time a player gets the ball out, I believe it’s critical that they comprehend

your preferred positional play, and physical health is crucial


“We have to be a fit team, so there is a lot of work ahead for the players over the next five or six weeks,

but I have to say they have started really well over the last couple of days, I have been really impressed

with them.”

The three players that Argyle signed this summer were left wing-back Nathanael Ogebta, a free agent

from Swansea City, midfielder Darko Gyabi, and striker Muhamed Tijani, who came on season-long

loans from Leeds United and Czech side Slavia Prague.

“I think we have a good squad, and I think we have a good group of young players within the squad,”

Rooney stated. Naturally, I would like to

attract players in; we have begun this process already, and we intend to add a few more. I’m not

revealing anything that I haven’t already told the players since these are messages that I have also

conveyed to them.

“Everyone has a chance is the message I want to convey to the players, but I’m also looking to bring

players in. They have to show me that they are worthy of playing, and that is how I have always operated.

“To come in and work hard every day is a very good skill set to have. It’s my responsibility to explain to

them how you improve—how you move the ball, how you position your body, and which foot you

pass the ball to, and make sure we do so strategically. We’ll succeed if we follow through on that.

“I believe that I can help the players, both the younger and some of the more experienced ones, to get

better. It’s an excellent chance for me to tell them what I want to know, and maybe I can help them get

better. I believe we will be in a great position if we combine that with the new players who join the


Rooney is getting the chance to add players to the Argyle team and make his own mark, unlike when he

managed Derby County or Birmingham City. There were severe money problems.

things he had to deal with at cash-strapped Derby, and during his three months at Birmingham last

season, he was forced to use the players he inherited because the transfer market was closed.

Thus, he has never before been able to sign players. He remarked, “You know what, it’s great.” “I’m from

Liverpool, and I constantly strive for more. Andrew Parkinson, the chief executive officer, and Simon

Hallett, the main owner and chairman of Argyle, would no doubt attest to that.”

Rooney mentioned that he was active in Argyle’s player recruitment behind the scenes even though he

was most recently a TV analyst for the BBC’s coverage of Euro 2024 in Germany.

“The players and the staff were on,” he stated.

enjoyed a rest and their holidays. We’ve already seen three players walk through the door, so it seems

like a lot of work was getting done while I was working the TV in Germany.

“There was a lot of work done in recruitment, working with Andrew and Neil (Dewsnip, director of

football), to make sure we position ourselves so that we can bring in players as soon as possible if they

are available.

“it’s what I request, and the club has done a fantastic job fulfilling it. It wasn’t like I was just hanging out

in Germany and not working; rather, I spent a lot of sleepless hours preparing player presentations,

talking to current players, and  gaining some additional knowledge about them.

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