BREAKING: The Giants intends to sell their gifted star after his achievements made him the most expensive..

Hard Knocks: Giants tried to sell Saquon on being a franchise legend

What did the Giants offer Saquon Barkley? 'Hard Knocks' reveals New York's  free-agent contract negotiations with star RB | Sporting News

Hard Knocks has always emphasized training camp, and it has created an in-season edition as well. But it had never covered the offseason prior to this year, so it had never had the opportunity to delve deeply into free agency.

HBO has demonstrated in “Hard Knocks: Offseason with the New York Giants” just how a player and team have a dialog. General manager Joe Schoen was being filmed as he revealed a strategy to persuade star running back Saquon Barkley to re-sign with the organization at a reduced salary.

“Hey, here’s our price,” was how Schoen presented his offer to assistant general manager Brandon Brown. Do you want to be listed here forever? You will be in the Ring of Honor for two more years. Or do you prefer to spend an additional $1 million elsewhere?”

After some small talk, the real conversation with Barkley proceeded as follows.

Schoen: “Letting you test the market to determine your value is the appropriate thing to do, just thinking about it. I don’t want to repeat the franchise [tag] or any of that stuff. That is not what I want to experience. Both of us have experienced that. Determine your target market if you truly want to be a Giant for the rest of your life and if you want to return.

Barkley: “That’s okay, thanks for that.”

“That sound good?” asked Schoen.

Barkley: “That’s right.”

Schoen says, “Can you give me your word on that, or you not going to give us a chance?”

Barkley replies: “What do you mean, like circling back?”

Schoen: “That’s right.”

Barkley replies: “I mean, I already told you where I want to be, so …”

They concluded their talks, and eight days later, at the onset of the free agent negotiation session, Barkley agreed to join the Philadelphia Eagles, a rival team, for three years and $37.75 million, with a guaranteed $26 million. I guess we’ll find out if the Giants ever had a chance to play in future episodes. Or not?

Though, to be fair, judging by Schoen’s remarks on the first “Hard Knocks” episode, the Eagles’ offer was greater than anything the Giants had ever made. And now Barkley is playing for their division foe, despite the Giants’ best efforts to win him over and convince him that he will go down in history with the team’s all-time greats.

In an earlier conversation with Berry (which was also featured in the program), Schoen acknowledged that he was concerned about making an offer before Barkley’s free agency, which would make Barkley feel “disrespected.”

The general manager and agent’s session essentially came to an end when Berry asked Schoen, rather bluntly: “At night, when you’re by yourself in your room, are you like, ‘I wouldn’t mind if this kid bounced?'”

It just serves to highlight how difficult these conversations may occasionally be. Barkley and the Giants had been in negotiations for a number of years.

All in all, though, it appeared as though Schoen and the company were prepared to move on and reallocate their resources, which is acceptable. It’s really uncomfortable to watch these discussions as both parties skirt the apparent issues.

Schoen told Berry, “I think he can still play, but you have to get the value right.” “You study the information. The information is as it is.

He was talking about the decline in running back output that occurs around age 27. February was Barkley’s 27th birthday. It’s hardly shocking that he’s left.

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