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LA’s newest star Puka Nacua prepares for encore of record rookie season

Rams rookie WR Puka Nacua's journey to NFL stardom - ESPN

Puka Nacua, a receiver with the Los Angeles Rams, has a very different life.

The former BYU wide receiver was selected in the fifth round of the NFL draft a year ago with the intention of staying on the team and making a contribution. After a record-breaking debut season, Nacua has already established himself as one of Los Angeles’ best players.

Fame comes with success, and he’s had to get used to it. Nacua loves the joy and smiles that greet him, even though the attention he receives whenever he is in public has caused him to spend more time at home than before. When he goes out, he receives a lot of shakas and referrals.

Everyone becomes increasingly aware that Nacua is a certified star as it occurs more frequently.

“It’s definitely on a different level to be recognized out here in LA, of all places,” Nacua remarked to USA TODAY Sports. “My family sees that and they’re like ‘Wow Puka, you actually are really famous.’”

Along with Christian Gonzalez of the New England Patriots, Kyle Hamilton of the Baltimore Ravens, and Michael Pittman Jr. of the Indianapolis Colts, Nacua was named as one of Toyota’s newest NFL partners as a result of his accomplishments on the field. Given that Nacua drives a Supra—the same vehicle that Paul Walker drove in the first “The Fast and the Furious”—this pairing is perfect for him.

However, Nacua’s affinity for Toyota also stems from the fact that Toyota stated that it was looking for sportsmen who had strong relationships to their communities, families, and friends—and Nacua values family above all else.

Despite his busy schedule, Nacua never fails to find time for his loved ones, especially his mother Penina Nacua and his six siblings. At least once a day, and often even three times, they FaceTime with each other. He will always be appreciative of his mother’s fortitude and strength, which he often considers when he steps onto the football field. His mother lost her husband while he was in his early teens.

“My mother is everything to me and my family. Being able to be the rock of our family and support us in that hard time,” Nacua said. “The strength of the single mother, being able to carry all of us kids and then to continue to carry on, it’s something that I use to call upon.”

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