Breaking: A talented Dodgers player will start for the first time on “regular” rest Sunday…

Apr 9, 2024; Minneapolis, Minnesota, USA; Los Angeles Dodgers starting pitcher Tyler Glasnow (31) delivers a pitch against the Minnesota Twins in the first inning at Target Field. Mandatory Credit: Jesse Johnson-USA TODAY Sports

According to Tyler Glasnow, he spends his entire life in his own “bubble,” with one outing barely influencing how he gets ready for the next.

Tyler Glasnow dominant as Dodgers double up Twins | Reuters

He was so caught up in that bubble this week that he failed to see the change. With four days off between starts, or “regular” rest, Glasnow will be making his first start of the season on Sunday night at Yankee Stadium.

Though Glasnow believed he had already gotten the required four days off this season, just three Dodgers starters have: Bobby Miller, James Paxton, and Gavin Stone (twice each).

Regarding taking extra time off in between starts, Glasnow remarked, “I think the (Tampa Bay) Rays did that a lot too so I developed a routine around whatever.” All it is is an additional day built in. But in terms of my arm’s sensation, I feel like I always return to normal within three days.

The previous time Stone and Paxton started during the recommended four days of rest, those starts were shortened. Paxton’s start against the New York Mets was cut short after just three innings and fifty pitches. Stone was relieved of his starting duties against the Colorado Rockies on Sunday after five innings and seventy-five pitches.

Dodgers manager Dave Roberts stated that Sunday’s start by Kyle Glasnow won’t be subject to the same extreme caution.

Roberts declared, “I’m not going to go into it with that mindset.” The final day of a six-game set is upon us. Our ace is him. Yes, the rest is brief.

However, I will read and respond. It won’t be like that where James or Gavin cut them down a tiny bit. Kind of like, let Tyler do his thing and get us the win.

Since joining the Dodgers, according to Glasnow, there has never been a conversation about carefully managing his workload.

Yoshinobu Yamamoto and the Dodgers did have that conversation, and they’re determined to maintain his work schedule as closely as possible to his once-a-weekly one in Japan.

Roberts recently remarked, “I think, sitting here, a priority is to make sure Yoshi stays on his extra rest.” I don’t think that will change by the end of October.

I believe that Tyler is a man who, eventually, needs to be acquired by a few regulars (fifth-day starts), which is definitely later in the season.

According to Glasnow, there’s no reason to even address that.

“I don’t believe it is even necessary. I think that’s really nice,” he remarked. “I think it’s natural to presume that a starting pitcher will be on a five-day schedule at all times. Now that the situation has changed, I’m on it.

However, I always strive to be prepared for a five-day trip. So it wouldn’t be an issue if they needed me to go five days in a row.

Long before then, Glasnow is expected to surpass his career high in innings pitched. In 13 starts this season, he has already thrown 80 passes. Last season, he threw for a career-high 120.

“Now that it’s fixed, it just feels normal. I think I just had so much of the pre-injury stuff before, my arm was in such bad shape from the three years before when I probably should have gotten surgery,” he added. “Instead of always struggling at some point, it feels like it’s kind of back to normal, like in the minor leagues where I never got hurt.”

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