Breaking: Derby County lunches a new offer for the outstanding player..

Championship rookies In order to bolster their roster for the upcoming season, Derby County has made Kenzo

Goudmijn of AZ Alkmaar a transfer target. The 22-year-old recently finished an outstanding loan season with

Excelsior Rotterdam. Goudmijn made 23 games and contributed five goals, but Excelsior was demoted to the second


Derby has reportedly expressed serious interest in the Dutchman for some time, and the team has contacted AZ; it is

unclear, though, if they would pursue the player permanently or only on loan. This information comes from the

Dutch tabloid BN DeStem. Kenzo Goudmijn has made 20 appearances for the first squad at AZ Alkmaar, but he has

only started three of those contests. According to reports, the club is willing to sell the

player, but since his current deal expires in 2026, a sizable sum would be needed.


Goudmijn langer bij Excelsior, ook ADO roert zich op transfermarkt


In addition to Derby County, Goudmijn has piqued the curiosity of Eredivisie teams Heerenveen and Heracles

Almelo. The young player, who has experience playing on both flanks, in a deeper midfield role, and mostly as an

attacking midfielder, is highly adaptable. Kenzo Goudmijn is a player that Championship neutrals should definitely

keep an eye on if Derby does end up signing him.

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