Breaking: For an undisclosed fee, the Detroit Lions are expected to acquire a two-time Super Bowl winner….

The Detroit Lions haven’t won a championship since 1957. Even if they also won the championship that year, there’s no doubting that the supporters have been itching for victory for as long as it has been going—nearly seven decades.

Both the organization and the fan base have the impression that this could be their year. But if the Lions hope to be a legitimate contender for the championship this year, it appears like they will need to make further roster additions.

Bleacher Report’s Brad Gagnon concurs that the Lions might be serious contenders for the championship this season. But he also contends that Detroit is still a player or two away from being a legitimate danger in the NFC.

According to Gagnon, pursuing a talented wide receiver such as Amari Cooper might be the kind of strategy that helps the Lions overcome their obstacles:

“Leavers are getting ready. A franchise that has never made it to the Super Bowl can definitely smell it, and they seem fully committed after yet another productive summer of strengthening and fortifying their weaknesses.

In light of that, I would keep an eye out for the NFC’s top cap player to make one more move before the deadline.

“Potential objectives” include Tee Higgins in case the Bengals collapse once more and Amari Cooper in case the Browns aren’t competitive. In Detroit, both of the experienced receivers with walk-years may be game-changers, according to Gagnon.

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