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Josh Allen Raves About New Rookie WR

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For the past few seasons, the Buffalo Bills have been among the best teams in the AFC.

Although the Bills haven’t reached the Super Bowl under Josh Allen’s direction, they are on their way to becoming something truly exceptional. Josh Allen has played a significant role in the team’s growth and development.
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Given that Stefon Diggs has been Allen’s top target, there were initially some doubts about the team’s future when he was dealt to the Houston Texans during the summer.

Although Allen’s total output might suffer a little, youngster Keon Coleman seems to be settling in well with this offense immediately.

Allen recently made an appearance on NFL The Insiders. Coleman’s “play style (is) what we needed in our offense,” according to Network.

Additionally, he described himself as “a big-bodied guy that isn’t afraid to be a physical wide receiver and can go win on a back-shoulder fade.”

Because of his work at OTAs, Coleman has already garnered a great deal of acclaim, which may be encouraging going forward.

With Diggs’ impending departure in mind, the Bills are in dire need of a WR1, and Coleman seems like a player who could provide the team some significant playing time.

The Miami Dolphins are still improving, Aaron Rodgers is back in the building for the New York Jets, and the New England Patriots should also be getting better, so the AFC East isn’t getting any easier.

Allen and the Bills should be able to contend for the division crown once more this season if Coleman stays healthy.

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