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On January 24, 2021, the Philadelphia Eagles appointed Nick Sirianni as their 24th head coach in franchise history. Let’s just say that Pat Shurmur’s one game in charge was sufficient justification to put him in between Chip Kelly and Doug Pederson. Well, anything. That is unimportant. Now it’s Nick’s show. That is the situation for one more campaign, at least. A lot depends on the upcoming season.

Time passes quickly. Since that first, let’s say, less than stellar press conference, we have gone a long way. But Coach has shown us incorrect.

In year two, coach Sirianni guided his squad to a Super Bowl berth and three consecutive postseason trips. That was a surprise to everyone, so why are we talking about job security?

Let’s just say that there are still issues.

Some claim that Nick is really the head coach of Philadelphia in name alone—a CEO head coach, if you will. Most believe he’s in the driver’s seat. Is he able to disprove his naysayers once more? It is highly likely that his term will continue if he is able to accomplish this.

Reuben Frank believes, if Nick Sirianni is to remain as Eagles head coach, there’s only one way for him to do so.

In Eagles circles, Reuben Frank of NBC Sports Philadelphia is a familiar face. He’s been acting in this way for some time. Every week, you should not miss reading Roob’s 10 Random Observations, one of his most well-liked columns. He recently questioned and examined Sirianni’s coaching career.

How can Nick maintain his position after the regular season of 2024–25? The solution is both straightforward and intricate.

“I believe it’s very obvious that he’s out if the Eagles don’t win a postseason game this year. And he ought to be. For in the event that the Eagles are eliminated from the postseason or lose in the wild-card round, you’ll be faced with a club that made it to the Super Bowl in 2022, concluded 2023 with a 1-6 record and a crushing playoff loss, and then was unable to make it back to the postseason in 2024. Sirianni would be unable to endure such course.”

Between two seasons that ended in heartbreaking losses in the Wild Card Round to the Tampa Bay Buccaneers, Sirianni’s career culminated in a Super Bowl participation (and loss). Something like this on a résumé would be appropriate in Dallas or Florham Park, New Jersey. Philadelphia

is a football-mad community, though, and the Eagles’ current squad is focused on winning now, with the Super Bowl still in the distant future.

Yes! Considering all the talk about whether Nick can compete with the best coaching minds in sports, he simply cannot afford another playoff defeat in the first round. Here, Roob provides a little more. He does the same mistake twice.

Nick has to be coached for his work and is currently under intense scrutiny.

The Eagles would have lost in the wild-card round for the third time in four years if they didn’t win any postseason games this season. An even worse scenario would be if they had secured the top seed but then lost at home to a wild-card club in the conference semifinals. It’s no longer good enough to just make it to the playoffs. The equity Sirianni acquired in 2022 is rapidly diminishing. He needs to demonstrate that this squad has gotten past its collapse in 2023 and that he still possesses the ability to lead a team to a postseason victory. The Eagles have appointed actual coordinators. They are younger and faster on defense, and they have unbounded offensive talent. Their schedule is reasonable. Everything for Sirianni is ready.

to get this group to the middle of January. Jeff Lurie won’t have to make many decisions if it doesn’t.”

Roob also brings up Buddy Ryan, pointing out that in 1990, he was heading into his sixth and last season with the Eagles, having never guided Philly to a postseason victory. Though this is obviously a different moment from the one we experienced in 1990, Nick has been better than that. Free agency came before that. It was necessary to develop players. Buddy also had the loyalty of that team.

Thus, a second issue…

One of the recurring stories about Coach Sirianni, especially after the collapse, has been that his players don’t respect him and that this club implodes when things get tough. His men have openly supported him. That is advantageous, however

This upcoming regular season will provide ample opportunity to analyze this team’s adversity management.

This may go in a number of ways. In the interim, both Coach and we have a lot on our minds. We’ll be talking about this all season long.

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