Breaking: Raptors are working hard to add two outstanding players to their squad…..

Raptors mailbag: Should Toronto trade Jakob Poeltl? Are Zach Edey or Bronny James NBA draft targets?

Given the week’s events and ongoing worries about the Raptors, it was to be expected that there would be a lot of WNBA inquiries.

Overall, a good week. I wonder what new territory we’ll cover next week?

It’s wonderful to learn that Toronto will welcome a WNBA team. Excitable fans gushed on X and Reddit, saying that Dr. Lowry’s presence at the press conference proved “He still loves Toronto!”

Apart from his admiration and relationship with Larry Tanenbaum, is there any news about Kyle Lowry maybe owning a tiny portion of the company?

I promise you that Lowry has a genuine, abiding love for Toronto. It’s not phony.

I also know how much he respects Larry Tanenbaum. very profound. Additionally, I didn’t ask Lowry if he was an investor in Kilmer Sports Ventures during our brief conversation the other day, which was primarily focused on catching up on non-game matters. However, Kyle is skilled in business and is aware of Larry’s accomplishment, so I will ask him about it the next time.

But in any case, I’m sure he would be available to offer assistance.

Hello, Doug. I appreciate all of the Raptors’ viewpoints and views, especially in keeping the fans motivated during the off-season. Before contract negotiations begin, Gary Trent Jr. and Bruce


Nonetheless, Garrett Temple appears to be the most experienced and wise voice in the locker room that’s open to a renewal, so to speak, with so many veterans pushed out in last year’s transactions. Although it was rumored that Scottie Barnes got into arguments with some of the more seasoned players and veterans, Temple seems to be well-liked and gets along well with our up-and-coming talent.

He has a very balanced and mature impact on the squad, in my opinion, and when he steps on the floor, he gives it everything! What are the possibilities that the team will develop as a whole and management decides to retain him on for a few years?

Thank you very much for your thoughts.

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