Breaking: Superman revealed his decision to sign a deal with the Seattle Seahawks rather than the San Francisco 49ers.

Rayshawn Jenkins reveals why he made surprising decision to choose Seattle Seahawks over San Francisco 49ers

Former Jaguars S Rayshawn Jenkins signing with Seahawks - Yahoo Sports

In light of their recent divergent fortunes, the San Francisco 49ers would seem to have a clear advantage over the Seattle Seahawks in terms of player attraction. However, new Seahawks safety Rayshawn Jenkins disclosed this week that he chose the Seahawks over the 49ers after visiting with both, even though the Niners advanced to the Super Bowl the previous season and have triumphed in their last five meetings with Seattle, including postseason games. While he is obviously thrilled about the prospect of playing for new Seahawks head coach Mike MacDonald, the decisive element in his decision had nothing to do with football.

“I felt like Seattle was the perfect place. Plenty of opportunity. I’m going into a team with a head coach that is defensive-minded and quite frankly out of San Francisco and Seattle, the taxes as well. So I had to think about that,” Jenkins stated. “I took a visit to the 49ers. I went here first, then to the 49ers. Then I had two more visits set up, but Seattle called, made an offer. They [the 49ers] matched it obviously, but going back to those taxes, I was like, I’m going out here.” Devoid of the football aspect, Jenkins’ choice makes a lot of sense.

California has the highest in the nation, however. Jenkins’s contract guarantees $6.26 million over two years, so it makes sense that the 30-year-old would place a high value on avoiding tax losses.

The Seahawks were able to sign an undervalued safety because of their advantage in that area.

Eight days after the Seahawks cut safeties Jamal Adams and Quandre Diggs, Rayshawn Jenkins arrives in Seattle.

According to the NextGen Stats catches above anticipated measure, Jenkins was the top safety in the NFL in 2023. Last season, he had 5.6 less receptions than anticipated, demonstrating the strength of coverage, which is further supported by efficiency statistics.

According to Sports Info Solutions, Jenkins was the NFL’s sixth-most targeted safety during the previous season. Despite being hurled at 41 times, he gave up the fifth-lowest completion percentage (41.5%) and had the eighth-best passer rating against (50.3) among safeties with at least 20 targets.

In terms of positive play rate allowed (31.7%), Jenkins was outperformed only by four safeties; in terms of Expected Points Added per target allowed, he ranked eighth.

Jenkins, a safety, can, in essence, improve the Seattle pass defense’s ability to protect San Francisco’s formidable aerial assault. Though it remains to be seen if his presence will be sufficient for the Seahawks to end their losing trend against the 49ers, they can be grateful that he prioritized his financial situation over his loyalty to one of the two NFC West rivals.

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