Breaking: Tennessee Volunteers on the verge of announcing the of a new Linebacker….

Linebacker Keenan Pili of Tennessee spoke with the media on Monday and gave an explanation of his decision to rejoin the team in 2024. After a stellar career at BYU, Pili moved to Knoxville, Tennessee. He performed as predicted by the Vols coaching staff, making a big impression on tape versus Virginia.

But soon after, he had a tricep injury that ended his season. Pili was still eligible for one more season, but the NFL was drawing near. He made the decision to go back and do the tasks he had set out to accomplish while on Rocky Top, increasing his chances of being chosen.

Football in Tennessee is almost done with the offseason. After finishing the regular season, the Vols are concentrating on building their roster for the 2023 campaign. With all of the most recent NFL Draft announcements and portal entries, Volunteer Country has the fans covered. The portal window is open from January 2 to December 4. Players will have to wait until May after spring practice to access the transfer portal if they do not transfer within that time.

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