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Baltimore Orioles Should Consider Intriguing Trade With New York Mets

The Baltimore Orioles, who have a 39-21 record going into Thursday’s season finale against the Toronto Blue Jays, have been outstanding all season long.

Young talent has been developed over years, and now it is beginning to reach its full potential.
Numerous individuals they selected have achieved success in the Major Leagues. The Orioles will eventually be joined in the Major League Baseball by a lot more talent.

Despite being a youthful and talented club, Baltimore might be prepared to go for the win right away.

The Orioles are in that situation, albeit it has been a while since the team was thought of as a genuine contender for the World Series.

Baltimore may prove to be a very interesting team to watch come MLB trade deadline time. They have a ton of prospects who might be acquired in a blockbuster trade to add senior players who will help them advance farther in the standings this year.

Luis Severino, the starting pitcher for the New York Mets, is one name that might make a lot of sense.

Severino, who is thirty years old, would instantly improve the team and provide seasoned expertise to the clubhouse. Nor is he the kind of player that would cost a fortune to acquire.
Severino has had a fantastic season so far with the Mets in 2024.

With a 3-2 record and a 3.52 ERA,

and in his 11 starts, he has pitched 64 innings. Severino would enjoy a change of pace if he could join an offensive-oriented team like the Orioles.

If Baltimore were to sign him, he would probably wind up being a half-season rental because he is scheduled to become a free agent in the ensuing summer. This probably lowers the cost of acquiring him.

The Orioles will want seasoned players with experience and a knack for winning big games if they hope to have a genuine shot at winning the World Series.

Though Severino wouldn’t exactly propel Baltimore to those heights as a superstar, he would offer experience.

Although he may not be as dangerous with the strikeout as he once was, the 30-year-old can still produce strong starts. With the Mets, he has developed into a far better all-around player than he was with the Yankees.
Having said that, it will be intriguing to observe what Baltimore decides to do in the days leading up to the trade deadline.

Will they move quickly to sign a new star?

They could act in that manner or  They might concentrate on bringing in players of Severino’s caliber at fair costs.


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