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Wolves chairman Jeff Shi makes summer transfer admission

Jeff Shi Appointed Chairman | Club | News | Wolverhampton Wanderers FC

Due to Shi’s criticism of Wolves’ season ticket price increases, the chairman has received a deluge of emails from disgruntled fans.

Numerous emails have been answered by the chairman, and many of his answers have been shared on social media.
In an interview with a fan, Shi talked about how Wolves had trouble finding attackers to sign after Raul Jimenez suffered a broken skull. The chairman has stated that Wolves will deal with the striker shortage when the transfer window reopens.

“I personally think our current squad is better than the one in 2018-2020,” Shi stated.

“There are about ten to fourteen clubs in the Premier League that are on a comparable level; a team’s standing in the table is determined by a variety of things, but it’s not the only way to assess a team’s competitiveness.

“Raul is sorely missed. I will concede that Raul at his best is a very difficult player to replace; following his sad injury, we had trouble finding a top candidate for this position.”

“We’re going to sign one or two number nines this summer,” he continued. Raul was one of the league’s best three strikers in his peak, a status that is very difficult to replicate. We have had difficulties in the past few years with recruitment.

“Hopefully the new strikers or Hee-chan can perform well next season.”

Fans were incensed that, for a team competing in the Champions League in 2024–2025, the most expensive season ticket at Molineux costs £29 more than the most expensive seat at Villa Park, among other grievances regarding the season ticket prices.

Shi insisted that Villa’s average costs are higher, though, and that Wolves may freeze ticket sales the following year in order to keep up with their rivals.

“Our season ticket price for the coming season is surely lower than that of Aston Villa,” he stated.

They raised their prices similarly in 2023 and continue to do so now, surpassing our new offer.

“We will now charge more than Crystal Palace. In my opinion, our stadium and athletic accomplishments are superior. Although they are headquartered in a less affluent part of London.

“This is a one-off adjustment to catch up with our peers and next season the price will either be frozen or increased just slightly.”

We compare ourselves to other teams by having distinct stands and seating sections, Shi continued. The average cost of Aston Villa is unquestionably greater than ours.”
In addition, supporters are upset that the stadium needs to be repainted badly and that the Molineux renovation has been put on hold for a period of years following Covid.

The chair acknowledges Molineux’s need

They are working on it and trying to resolve the issue.

“Molineux is tired,” Shi remarked. Although we haven’t discovered a reliable economical method to rebuild a stand, we never give up looking.

“At this point, all we can do is get a little better each year. One of the things I’m talking about with the team right now is painting.””But I’ve visited a number of away stadiums, and nearly all of them have fatigue as a common issue.

“A large number of them are on par with Molineux. Even now, some of Molineux’s positive aspects are still quite good.

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