Breaking: The chicago bears just announce the latest new signing today..

DeAndre Carter, an elite wide receiver and special teams player, has officially signed a one-year contract with the Chicago Bears, the team announced on Tuesday.

In 2015, Carter, 30, became an undrafted free agent and signed with the Baltimore Ravens. After spending four games during his brief stay with the Bears in 2020, he is back.

The Oakland Raiders (2015), New England Patriots (2015–16), San Francisco 49ers (2017–18), Philadelphia Eagles (2018), Houston Texans (2018–20), Washington Commanders (2021), Los Angeles Chargers (2022), and most recently the Las Vegas Raiders (2023) were among the teams that Carter also left her mark with.

Due to his accomplishments on special teams, Carter is a strong candidate to compete for one of the remaining receiving roster spots. In his six years, he has gained experience returning kicks and punts.

career, where the new kickoff regulations will make him a weapon for Chicago.

With special teams playing a major role in training camp, those last receiving roster spots will be interesting to monitor. Carter will face opponents with return experience, including Dante Pettis, Nsimba Webster, and Velus Jones Jr.

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