BREAKING: The Chicago White Sox intend to trade their player this summer as he hasn’t helped the team’s performance this season…

The Chicago White Sox’s season hasn’t produced many noteworthy highlights thus far. They are far from contending for the playoffs and have the worst record in MLB (21-61). But so far this season, the diamond in the rough, Garrett Crochet, has proven to be a superb pitcher. He made the switch to a starting role for the first time since his time at Tennessee, and in just 17 games, he has an American League-high 130 strikeouts, a 3.05 ERA, and a 0.94 WHIP.

Rosenthal] Padres pursuing trade for White Sox's Garrett Crochet to bolster  rotation : r/whitesox

The 25-year-old Crochet has two more years before he is free to sign with any team. Given that timeframe projections a little further off, it is highly likely that he will not be a part of the White Sox’s rebuild. Crochet is a prime target for the Sox to sell because of his favourable contract, talent, and value on the field. There was no way he could get any more valuable in the near future.

Before he is free to sign with any team, Crochet, 25, has two more years left on his contract. It is very likely that he won’t be a part of the White Sox rebuild given that timetable projections a little further off. Due to his advantageous contract, skill, and worth on the field, Crochet is a top target for the Sox to sell. He was not going to get any more valuable anytime soon.

The New York Yankees, Los Angeles Dodgers, Atlanta Braves, Cleveland Guardians, and Baltimore Orioles are among the teams that meet this requirement.

Crochet’s history of injuries is another reason the White Sox should take action right now. Due to Tommy John surgery, he missed the full 2023 season. Although he is back in the game, there is always a chance of more injuries. Arm injuries are more common in pitchers who possess the high velocity and high-stress deliveries associated with Crochet’s profile.

The White Sox might prevent a situation where he is sidelined for an extended amount of time or his worth is diminished by moving him now. When they are desperate to win and need a power arm to round out their pitching staff, let other teams take that risk.

The White Sox will be able to guarantee the highest possible profit by taking advantage of Crochet’s present valuation.

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