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It came as a bit of a surprise to see that Anthony Richardson had suffered some shoulder fatigue during offseason activities, given he had a

lengthy recovery period before making his NFL comeback after season-ending shoulder surgery.

It might even have been a little concerning to some. Colts fans should not worry, though, as Richardson is still expected to be fully prepared

for training camp.

Colts' Chris Ballard rips critical reports around draft pick in expletive  rant | Fox News

Colts general manager Chris Ballard stated, “He’ll be full-go,” in an interview with The GM Shuffle podcast. “He was full-go all the way up

until the last day of OTAs, and we had two heavy throwing sessions the two days before, and so we backed off a little on the last day.”

Ballard’s explanation aligns with Richardson’s post-surgery experience for his throwing shoulder. A surgically repaired shoulder will still

be put through more rigorous training in the months following the repair than it would be in a single rehab session, which explains why

Richardson reported feeling tired and painful by the end of the session.

Richardson went so far as to say he was shocked he had not felt the exhaustion earlier, saying he had expected it to happen sooner. If

anything, Richardson’s return trip to the field was made possible by the fortunate timing of his victory.

Before reaching training camp, that route will pass through the best part of June and July. Ballard and the Colts management don’t think

they’ll have to impose any restrictions on their hopeful youthful passer

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