Does he really worth the amount, Jacksonville Jaguars man react to Josh Allen contract extension..

Not just Trevor Lawrence was given the boot this summer by the Jacksonville Jaguars. Although it might not be as large as the $275 million agreement Lawrence recently reached, Josh Allen, a linebacker for the Jaguars, also signed a large extension that will keep him in Jacksonville for the foreseeable future.

This amounted to a $150 million five-year contract extension for Allen, who just finished a fantastic 2023 campaign. Lawrence is fully in agreement with the Jaguars’ choice to award their standout pass rusher for his outstanding performance from the previous campaign.

All of Lawrence’s remarks regarding his linebacker were positive during his Thursday press conference. The starting quarterback for Jacksonville, Josh Lawrence, feels that the franchise should have given Allen recognition for his exceptional performance in the previous campaign. Lawrence stated, via Myles Simmons of PFT, “I think it’s just big to reward guys for playing really well, especially in a situation like Josh.” “He needed to have a fantastic year last year, and he succeeded. I think he’s improved every year because he was able to put his best foot forward and finish with 17.5 sacks at this stage in his career. It’s thrilling, and I believe you should expand on it.

After being selected to the Pro Bowl for the second time in his career last season, Allen will now try to earn back the Jaguars’ confidence. As Lawrence said, it will be fascinating to watch Allen build on his 2023 season and possibly have an even better year in the upcoming year.
Lawrence, like Allen, agreed to a five-year contract extension that will keep him in Jacksonville until 2030. Lawrence has also expressed how important it is that his long-term contract match Allen’s and how they will both be vital players for the Jaguars over the next five years:

“[There are guys] all over the field that bring something unique to the table that we need, but Josh is obviously a big one on defense,” Lawrence stated. “It’s important for us to be on the same page, which we have been, of just leading and what the message is for the team. How we want to carry ourselves because we’re going to be here for a while.” “Having a guy that for us two, we’re going to be here and got the contract, we’re kind of going to align as far as the time we’re going to be here and we know we can count on that

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