“he is too good to be let go” Rams coach says as they finalize the resigning of the clubs young star..

Should The Los Angeles Rams Re-sign Tutu Atwell?

Tutu Atwell is being moved around in Rams' offense, could help his case for No. 3 WR role - Yahoo Sports

The Los Angeles Rams will have to make an intriguing choice about Tutu Atwell’s contract during the upcoming offseason. Atwell, the 57th pick in the 2021 draft, has not had a great career to yet, although he has occasionally shown signs of promise. Is it worthwhile for the Rams to re-sign him given their investments in the wide receiver position?

Throughout the first few weeks of the season, Atwell had glimpses of being a reliable performer when assigned to the WR2 position. As Puka Nacua’s backup, he averaged 82 yards per game in the first three weeks of the season, which is respectable for a backup. He demonstrated his ability to stretch the field with numerous 30-yard or longer catches last season.

I could understand Tutu not requesting a large salary given the nature of his current employment. Having said that, I wouldn’t mind another season for a prove-it deal to demonstrate his ability to be a reliable contributor in the passing game if he re-signs on a team-friendly contract.

It wouldn’t be prudent to spend more on Tutu given the substantial investments made in the position during the previous several years and in the draft. Particularly when Demarcus Robinson outperformed him in the second half of the season and was awarded a new contract by the team. Tutu’s position on the depth chart is not very stable.

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