JUST IN: Wayne Rooney of the Plymouth Argyle makes a pledge to the players as the preseason begins…

Wayne Rooney has emphasised to his Plymouth Argyle teammates that they all have the chance to play for the team.

The former manager of the Pilgrims has little interest in the club’s past. Based on all he observes from each and every one of them on the training field, he will make his choice. Rooney said those things at a team meeting held yesterday at Home Park in anticipation of Argyle’s 2024–25 Championship campaign, as pre-season training got underway.

The legendary player for England opened a four-minute video he released on his official X (formerly Twitter) account with the words, “You might know me from my playing career,” which made the audience giggle. “I’m a winner, I’m not here to have a holiday, I want to win,” he continued.

“Remaining in the league was a terrific thing you did last season. I am aware that reaching that point required some work. My goal is to improve the team. Your time with me will be enjoyable. I’m a sincere individual. You will enjoy yourself and come out on top if you follow my instructions.

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“From the youngest player to the most senior player, everyone has an opportunity to play,” he continued. “You all have a good opportunity.” It is up to you to prove it to me. I promise you that life is not long. How can you make the most of what you have, in my opinion, is what matters most to all of us?

“I recognise and accept that each person is unique. Everybody comes from a distinct background. How can you establish a bond and come together as a group? It’s my responsibility to generate that, the coaches’ responsibility to produce that, and it will occur.”

“The club has the ambition over the next five years to try and get Premier League,” Rooney went on. Even though I’ve played at the highest level, I’ll never forget the principles that helped me get there.

It therefore makes no difference if you come from a rough or a nice background. It takes hard work to value your progress and what gets you there.

That’s the only thing about it. We can offer you all the technical data and playing styles we want to use, but we are unable to provide the will and desire. That needs to originate internally, and we’ll prevail. Without a doubt, we’ll prevail.”

“Each of you has the chance to go and make a difference,” he said in closing. I will evaluate each and every one of you based on what I witness on the training pitch, regardless of past events at the football team. That’s just the way life is and how I operate. Each of you has a chance, so seize it, have fun, and let’s succeed.”

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