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Fans of the Boston Red Sox and MLB have by now witnessed Jarren Duran’s influence on his team. The main star of the Red Sox outfield, he’s become one of the best outfielders in the American League, if not all of MLB, because to the adjustments he’s made since the previous season.

Yet, the players in his immediate vicinity have also excelled. The Boston outfield as a whole hasn’t received enough attention from the national media or All-Star voters.
Among the Red Sox’s most underappreciated players is Rob Refsnyder. Since the start of his season in mid-April, the seasoned player has shown leadership both on the field and in the clubhouse. He is among the Red Sox’s unsung heroes during their recent string of severe injuries.

Refsnyder now plays a more regular part in

Boston. Since his injury return in April, he has made 47 appearances in games, which is more than halfway toward his goal of 89 games in 2023. Refsnyder is slashing.322/.406/.483 with an OPS of.888, so his offense has contributed more to the Sox’s win than was initially thought. For Boston, he has started 33 games and made it to base without incident in 31 of them.

Still, his road stats are almost startling. He is taking a batting position.380/.430/.646 with an out-of-park OPS of 1.076. With at least as many games played as Refsnyder, only Steven Kwan and Luis Arráez, the current National League batting champion, have higher road averages.

The Red Sox outfield deserves more credit, in All-Star voting and beyond

There are two deserving contenders for Rookie of the Year in the Red Sox lineup. Ceddanne Rafaela and Wilyer Abreu are both having exceptional years.
There are two deserving contenders for Rookie of the Year in the Red Sox lineup. Ceddanne Rafaela and Wilyer Abreu are both having exceptional years.

Although Abreu’s bat has stagnated since he started playing again after spraining his ankle, he has otherwise been reliable at the plate in his first season. After Triston Casas’ injury, he quickly established himself as one of Boston’s go-to power hitters, slashing.264/.333/.472 with six home runs. In one of the hardest right fields in Major League Baseball, his defense has also been outstanding. Abreu recorded two outs above average, and his arm strength, which is in the 98th percentile, is a

danger facing every baserunner.

Rafaela’s comeback story has surpassed that of the Red Sox as a unit. His bat has just lately started to catch up, but for the most part of the season, his defense has been excellent. On May 25, he was slashing.200/.227/.354; one month later, he was up to.242/.271/.390.

Rafaela has played excellent shortstop when his team needs him to, and he has made plays in center field reminiscent of Jackie Bradley Jr. He has primarily returned to the outfield as a result of David Hamilton’s rise, and the Red Sox are better for it. Fans have dubbed him “the human highlight reel” because of his incessant diving plays, unmatched defensive versatility, and recently hot bat.

Additionally, Tyler O’Neill is having one of his best seasons since being considered for National League MVP in 2021. Although he has missed some time due to injuries, including one from a freak accident, his play this season has been better than it has been in the past in terms of both his health and consistency.

The diversity of Boston’s outfield is its most underappreciated quality. Rafaela is the

champion there; the youngster routinely moved from the infield to the outfield while playing excellent defense and picking up new skills on the fly. This season, Abreu has played in every outfield position; O’Neill, Refsnyder, and Duran have alternated between left and center field duties. They can perform well wherever they are used, and they provide Alex Cora the flexibility to rearrange the lineup.

Boston’s outfield hasn’t received the attention it merits in discussions about ROY awards or All-Star voting. The attention has been grabbed by other American League outfielders like Aaron Judge, Juan Soto, Kyle Tucker, Steven Kwan, and other, quite frankly, less qualified prospects.

However, as the season’s halfway point approaches, the Red Sox have demonstrated perseverance, athleticism, and talent against some formidable opponents, and their  Lead the charge has been aided by outfield.

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