Ryan Poles offers a honest assessment on Justin Fields’ exit.

Justin Fields appreciative of Bears GM Ryan Poles doing right by him

Bears GM Ryan Poles doing 'homework' on draft class, plans on QB Justin  Fields being starter in '23

This offseason, the Chicago Bears decided to break ways with quarterback Justin Fields in favor of Caleb Williams, the first pick overall.

General manager Ryan Poles was quite clear that he wanted to treat Fields fairly throughout the process. This included sending Fields to the Pittsburgh Steelers, his ideal destination, despite the fact that all that was received in exchange was a conditional sixth-round pick.

In his first public remarks since the deal, Fields praised Poles on Tuesday. “I informed him where I wanted to be and that this was a location I wanted to be, so he honored that. I appreciate him for that and am happy he was able to position me where I desired to attend.

In the three seasons he played, Fields—who was selected 11th overall in the 2021 NFL Draft—definitely dazzled the crowd. Despite the fact that he wasn’t always in the finest circumstances—whether it was because of shifting offensive coordinators and coaches or a dearth of supporting players. All things considered, though, he didn’t advance far enough in 2023 for Poles to overlook Williams this year.

Justin Fields appreciative of Bears GM Ryan Poles doing right by him

Despite the fact that Fields’ time in Chicago didn’t work out, he is grateful for the experience.

There were many highs and lows, but Fields expressed gratitude for each and every bond she had formed. “My teammates are aware of that. I have only love for the city, the supporters, and my former coaches and colleagues.

Fields now has the opportunity to start over with

the group he chooses. However, he will open the 2024 season as the backup quarterback to Russell Wilson, with whom he may be able to fight for the starting position. According to Fields, the best is still to come.

Fields remarked, “I’m not the quarterback I was last year.” “I’m going to keep improving, especially with Russell and the rest of the coaching team. They’re improving me every single day.

“I still have a lot of room to develop. I definitely am not near my ceiling.

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