“SAD”: A prominent player is placed on the Chicago White Sox’s injured list…

Before Sunday’s game, outfielder Andrew Benintendi of the Chicago White Sox was placed on the disabled list due to a case of left Achilles tendonitis.


Benintendi hit a home run in the top of the third inning in Saturday’s game against the Milwaukee Brewers, his third of the season. Nevertheless, before the bottom of the inning, Dominic Fletcher took his place in the field.

Reporters were informed by White Sox manager Pedro Grifol that the veteran has been troubled by the problem for a considerable amount of time. But on Saturday, Benintendi was forced to leave the game due to excruciating agony. The White Sox recalled Oscar Colas, a former top outfield prospect, from Triple-A when Benintendi was on the injured list.

Chicago White Sox Stadium Andrew Benintendi is listed as injured.

Benintendi signed a five-year, $75 million contract during the 2022–2023 offseason, making him the highest-paid free agent addition in team history. Regretfully, during his tenure on the south side of Chicago, he has been among the worst players in Major League Baseball.

The 29-year-old has hit.245/.302/.338 (78 OPS+) with nine home runs and 15 steals since the beginning of the previous season. When Benintendi is at his best, he makes a lot of contact and doesn’t strike out, which leads to a high average. Despite his lack of strength, he can penetrate the defence.

According to current data, there is no guarantee of success with this kind of attacking profile. One frequent strategy for defending against a low-power singles hitter like Benintendi is to position yourself defensively effectively. However, it is more difficult for defenders to make an out on hard-hit balls.

Benintendi is the least valuable player in MLB this season (among those who qualify), according to fWAR (-1.6). That being said, there are probably a variety of causes for difficulties this severe. His achilles soreness, strain in his head, and poor contact quality are probably contributing factors to his troubles.

However, Benintendi will go on the injured list for the time being and should be back stronger than ever for the struggling White Sox team.

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