Sad news: A sad moment for the San Antonio Spurs, as former star player die in a terrible accident…

SAN ANTONIO: After the passing of former teammate Rasual Butler and his wife in an early-am single-car incident in Studio City, California, on Wednesday, the Spurs gathered at their practice facility for shootaround on Thursday morning with heavy hearts.
After 14 NBA seasons, 38-year-old Butler left the league after 46 games with the San Antonio Spurs in 2015–16.

Former NBA player Rasual Butler and wife Leah LaBelle killed in car  accident |

Manu Ginobili remarked, “You don’t have many words in those situations.” “You are just incredibly depressed. He was a really kind man. He was gone from us for a long time. I believe it lasted for seven months, nearly a season, and throughout that time he was an amazing man—fun to be around, upbeat, and grateful. It was also unsettling to read the news from yesterday. Each of us is

extremely moved and depressed.”
Preparations for Thursday night’s game against the Houston Rockets were negatively impacted by the news, according to Ginobili.

“What importance can this game have in a context like this?” Said Ginobili. Yes, we could discuss how to counter a pick-and-roll or how cleverly Chris Paul (CP) is using them defensively. However, it’s moments like these that make you realize how absurd and superficial everything is.

“We want to keep building and perform the finest work we can. However, incidents like this let us realize how fortunate we are to have excellent health, a fulfilling career, and loving families. Although it was a difficult day, once the game begins, we will consider of rivalry and other things. It’s difficult to discuss, though, at this moment. It seems insignificant to you.”

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