Sad news: Andy Reid regrettably discloses his departure date from the Kansas City Chiefs..

Chiefs coach Andy Reid has message for NFL after wacky schedule for 2024 season..

Coach Andy Reid receives medical attention after Kansas City Chiefs' loss  to Chargers

Any given Sunday” might still be a saying for the NFL, but games have expanded well beyond just one day a week. Just ask the Kansas City Chiefs and their 2024 schedule.

When the NFL schedules released earlier this month, the Chiefs saw themselves playing every single day of the week at some point during the year except for Tuesday.

How is that possible? Well, the Chiefs are playing in every single primetime slot, which includes “Thursday Night Football” and “Monday Night Football.” But they’re also playing Black Friday, a Saturday game in Week 16, and we can’t forget about Christmas Day, which lands on a Wednesday this year.

When reporters questioned the Chiefs’ unconventional schedule—which also includes them playing at 4:25 p.m. or later in 14 of their 17 games—head coach Andy Reid had a message for the NFL.

“This is a first for me in my career; it’s special, and you know how we are.” According to a Chiefs transcript, Reid stated matter-of-factly, “We don’t really care.”

“They can give us a Tuesday game if they want, and we’ll be okay there, too,” added Reid. We’ll play anybody, anyplace, and whatever they want to do after we go through it. We agree to it.

It goes without saying that the Chiefs are a must-watch football team, especially as they attempt to accomplish a record that no other NFL club has ever set: win three consecutive Super Bowls.

This season, Kansas City will play eight stand-alone games. On September 5, the team will take on the Baltimore Ravens in the league opener on NBC. With a league-high eight games on CBS, fans can watch the Chiefs there as well.

However, Patrick Mahomes enjoys the bright lights of prime-time football, and even while he is aware that the schedule becomes more difficult every year as a result, winning is still expected.

Mahomes told reporters last week, “I feel like our schedule has gotten crazier and crazier every single year.” It’s all about getting ready for the coming week. We anticipate a large number of prime-time games. We have accumulated the necessary equity to participate in such games.”

The Chiefs are constantly the center of attention, and despite their ups and downs, they remain in the public glare. But that’s the way it works when you want to create NFL history.

However, Kansas City will be doing it with one of the most difficult schedules any club will face this season.

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