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WFLA / TAMPA, FLA — A Cleveland Browns player was taken into custody for driving while intoxicated on Wednesday night after he struck a Key West restaurant with his car, seriously injuring it, according to authorities.

A black Hyundai SUV smashed into the Red Shoe Island Bistro on 411 Petronia Street, causing the Key West Police Department to be summoned there just before ten o’clock at night.

Lonnie Phelps, a defensive lineman with the Browns, was there when the police arrived.

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The 23-year-old was “very agitated,” according to an arrest report, and seemed unsure of whether he had his credit card on him or not. He also talked about it.

Phelps began running them to “do what [they] have to do,” according to the police, and he continued to fling his hands in the air. He spun around, put his hands behind his back, and nearly lost his balance without being told to.

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The SUV’s airbags were triggered when body camera footage from within the structure was shown. Phelps said the crash happened and inquired about any costs when the police asked him to describe what transpired.

Phelps told police he was “right in front of it” when they asked where he was driving from, according to the report. He enquired of the cops as to what he had crashed into.

Phelps had “droopy eyelids, glassy watery bloodshot eyes, and a strong odor of alcohol was coming from his breath,” according to the police. Officers said he was also slurring his words.

Phelps and his fiancée, who was in the car with him, allegedly refused to speak with police, according to an officer. Phelps allegedly said to authorities that he “did not want to get shot.”

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Phelps “continued to talk in a loud and erratic manner with his hands up” and shouted things like “I have never” while participating in DUI exercises, according to police.

“Just put the tape down so I can walk the line like a concussion test; I’ve been here before, just do it.”

Phelps was arrested for DUI and property damage and brought to the Monroe County Detention Center. Phelps is scheduled for arraignment on July 2nd, per jail logs.

A video of the devastation was uploaded by Red Shoe Island Bistro. According to the post, the incident happened after the restaurant was closed.

“We sincerely appreciate that nobody was harmed. Red Shoe Island Bistro owner John Bobon said WFLA, “And we are especially grateful that the Red Shoe was closed for vacation when this happened.” “The result would have been disastrous if we hadn’t attended the Janet Jackson concert in Chicago. We would want to

We appreciate all of the love and support from the Key West community, and we can’t wait to reopen the Red Shoe Island Bistro as soon as possible.

In 2023, the rookie for the Browns joined the organization as an undrafted free agent. He was a football player at the University of Kansas.

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