Sealed: the Edmonton Oilers skillful man has successful inked another contract with team..

As reported by Mark Spector of Sportsnet, there is growing speculation that forward Leon Draisaitl of the Edmonton Oilers may sign a short-term contract extension with the team. Draisaitl’s camp is reportedly in talks with the Oilers about a potential four-year deal. This would be in line with the increasing trend of NHL players, including Auston Matthews of the Toronto Maple Leafs, who signed similar short-term extensions to maximize their potential earnings in the future. A four-year contract would enable Draisaitl to take advantage of a future salary cap, potentially setting him up for another lucrative deal at age 32.


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In addition to securing Draisaitl’s future in Edmonton, this possible contract would be encouraging for Connor McDavid’s possible re-signing.

Given their close friendship and professional and personal ties, it’s possible that McDavid will be inspired to match Draisaitl’s level of dedication.

The Oilers need to hold onto these two players because no other team could pay their combined salary cap hit. The idea that both players will likely commit to Edmonton strengthens the idea that the Oilers offer the ideal setting for them to thrive as a team.

Draisaitl’s extension would be a huge boost to the Oilers’ long-term prospects, strengthening their core and preserving their competitive advantage in the league.

Draisaitl has appeared in 450 games over the last six years, totaling 643 points with 272 goals and 371 assists.

Draisaitl’s decision to stay might be interpreted as a commitment to winning a title in Edmonton, given that the Oilers are currently in the Stanley Cup Final. This will keep him among the highest-paid players in the NHL until McDavid signs a new deal.

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