shocking news: Kansas City Chiefs some selected players set to depart the team…

Two wide receivers that the Kansas City Chiefs believe might be dealt before training camp ends have

been identified by a source, should they have bad summer practices. The Chiefs may have enough cap

room saved by the deals to add talent during the regular season to help with other urgent needs.

The Kansas City Chiefs overhauled their WR room

The previous season, the Chiefs’ receiver corps was awful. In the regular season, they had the most drops

in the league. The team had hope for the unit’s future as Rahsee Rice continued to improve toward the

close of his rookie season. But his problems off the field could cause the Chiefs some trouble.

With Marquise “Hollywood” Brown and youngster Xavier Worthy, the Chiefs improved the position

regardless of Rice’s circumstances throughout the regular season. With such additions, the Chiefs may

be able to shed some unnecessary personnel.

Kadarius Toney could be traded this summer

If the Chiefs sell Kadarius Toney before August 27th, they would save $2.5 million, according to Nate

Taylor of The Athletic. To be on the team, he will need to demonstrate a lot during training camp:

For Toney, who is about to enter the last year of his rookie contract, this year could make or break his

career. Toney missed the preseason and training camp the previous year due to his recuperation from

knee surgery to replace his meniscus and cartilage. He had a difficult regular season, missing several

passes from quarterback Patrick Mahomes, and in December, he was benched.

In addition to staying healthy, Toney needs to keep mending his relationship with Mahomes and proving

that he can be among Carson Wentz’s top targets as a backup quarterback. throughout the off-season. It

is debatable whether Toney remains the Chiefs’ most gifted wide receiver despite Marquise Brown and

youngster Xavier Worthy’s offseason additions. Toney must, however, prove himself during training

camp and the preseason in order to guarantee his spot on the team.

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