SO SAD: Bengals owner announced as the 27-year-old Bengals star player suffered a deadly wrist injury…

Will Cincinnati Bengals Star Joe Burrow Make Full Recovery? NFL Doctor Weighs In on Wrist Injury

Cincinnati — Joe Burrow’s future has been the subject of much conjecture since his wrist injury in November ended the season.

Cincinnati Bengals QB Joe Burrow's Wall Just Got A Lot Bigger - Men's  Journal | The NFL Life

Although the 27-year-old began throwing earlier in the offseason, he is the only quarterback with this specific wrist ailment.

“I definitely was kind of flying blind during throughout the beginning of the rehab process, because I hadn’t found any quarterbacks that had had this before,” Burrow stated last week. “The linebackers and offensive and defensive linemen with whom I have spoken were not required to possess the same level of wrist dexterity and subtleties of wrist movement as myself. Our rehab has gone quite well, and Nick Cosgray and Matt Summers have done an amazing job making sure I get that motion back so I’ve been excited about that. I’m excited about where I’m at.”

Will Burrow be fully recovered by the start of the season? Will his play be affected by this injury?

Speaking on Burrow’s recuperation, Dr. David Chao gave his thoughts on why he believes the Bengals’ star will be at full strength before Cincinnati plays New England in the regular-season opener on September 8.

“We expect Joe Burrow to be fine this season, despite a never before seen wrist injury on an NFL quarterback” Chao stated. It was skillfully handled and quickly fixed. Anticipate him to be fully committed to the season, have a respectable offseason regimen, and be prepared for training camp.”

See Chao’s full analysis in the video below, which includes information on Burrow’s surgery, range of motion, and the reasons Bengals supporters should anticipate a full recovery:

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