SO SAD: This could be the end of his career, White Sox star player suffered a deadly injury..

This season, the Chicago White Sox have been beset with misfortune. They have seen some bizarre things happen to a handful of their athletes and have lost some devastating losses in peculiar ways. Most of these oddities are wounds. To begin the season, they lost their “big three” virtually right away. This year, Eloy Jiménez, Yoan Moncada, and Luis Robert Jr. have all had injuries. Moncada and Robert Jr. have not returned yet, although Robert Jr. is getting near. After returning to the field for a few games, Jiménez sustained another hamstring injury and was placed back on the injured list. Is this the tipping point for the White Sox? Has Eloy Jiménez’s tenure with the White Sox come to an end for the fan base?

Eloy Jiménez preparing to play outfield with White Sox

Is This the End of Eloy Jiménez with the White Sox?

The History

Jiménez has a long history of injuries. During his tenure with the Sox, he has sustained many injuries. As per the exhaustive list of his ailments released by NBC Chicago, Jiménez has sustained a grand total of 19 injuries since the year 2019.

The White Sox have suffered in the past due to his chronic injuries. The White Sox’s lineup preparations have been disrupted by his prolonged absence. Prior to the season, they had a predetermined lineup that included Jiménez. However, before you know it, Jiménez becomes injured and requires alterations to the lineup.

Though it’s hard to blame a guy for getting hurt, Jiménez’s frequent injuries may be more harmful than beneficial.

Jiménez sustained another injury while jogging the bases; this time, it was to his hamstring, and he will be sidelined for at least a month. It might be longer or shorter, but when he gets back, what will the White Sox do? When he probably gets hurt again, will they be able to depend on his abilities or will they be out of luck again?

The White Sox require consistency. Although they don’t have much of it, they must obtain it from anywhere they can. Jiménez’s presence on the roster is advantageous when he performs effectively and maintains his health. However, the fact that he could be hurt at any point complicates matters for the Sox.

Should Jiménez return in a month, which would be approximately July 1st, the White Sox front staff ought to assess the potential influence he will have on the team. Do they want to hold onto a position and continue to work on developing a player who may miss up to two months of the season due to injury? Or will they choose to take a different course instead?

It is impossible to trade Jiménez. No team will be willing to give up anything for a guy who is injured so frequently. With his past, they won’t take a chance on him, and they wouldn’t give the Sox anything in return.

Chicago will therefore probably be stuck with him. or

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