Three key Seahawks players need to perform well in order to possibly make a playoff run in 2024…

Even though the Seattle Seahawks replaced their coaching staff this offseason, the team has enough quality on its roster to contend for a postseason run.

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The Seattle club does not need to regress just because they have a new head coach. Actually, Seattle recruited Mike Macdonald to quickly strengthen the defence, and even a small improvement may propel the team into the postseason.

But some former Seahawks players must continue to perform well in their roles. Sam Howell, a new quarterback this offseason, isn’t anticipated to start.

Seattle should be hoping that the club can improve without Howell on the pitch. However, QB1 from Seattle is on the list below.

The ball is just more needed by a player below. That ought to occur under new offensive coordinator Ryan Grubb. In 2024, Seattle may easily win ten or eleven games if the next three players perform well.

Quarterback for the Seattle Seahawks, Geno Smith

Geno Smith ought to have a great year. Seattle will make the playoffs if he performs well, completing passes at a rate of about 68 percent and rushing the ball more to help gain first downs.

The Seahawks won’t make the playoffs and Smith won’t have a job in the offseason, at least not with Seattle, if he completes closer to 64% of his throws and records 14 picks.

Smith is a talented person. He was deserving of both of the Pro Bowls that he made in a row. Though his top-half-of-the-league QBR over the last two seasons suggests that Seattle may be in much worse shape at quarterback, many 12s don’t seem to like for him. Smith has to demonstrate once more in 2024 that he is a valuable addition to the team in the ensuing season.

Seahawks running back Kenneth Walker

Compared to his first two years, Walker should see a significant increase in use this season. Although he has good speed and receiving ability, former offensive coordinator Shane Waldron was fixated on having Geno Smith pass the ball to his wide receiver.

Running backs did not carry the ball enough, while tight ends were not utilised to their full potential. Seattle’s offence was too frequently in third-and-long situations and too simple to figure out.

In each of his first two seasons, Walker’s total touches and rush totals have been nearly identical. He carried the ball 228 times as a rookie, which is a career best, and scored nine touchdowns. Based on his historical average of 4.4 yards per carry, if he carries the ball 260 times in 2024, he should have about 1,200 yards rushing and nearly 1,500 yards overall.

That will assist the offence as a whole be more effective, possess the ball for longer stretches of time during games, and support a defence that is well-rested.
Head coach of the Seahawks, Mike Macdonald

Although it may seem absurd to have Macdonald here, there are a lot of reasons why he is more significant in 2024 than Pete Carroll has been for the majority of the previous 14 years. Both Macdonald and Carroll are defensive-minded coaches, but Carroll was the head coach previously. Macdonald is not one of them. He needs to pick up the skill of quickly avoiding seemingly insignificant errors that turn into significant problems. A team may lose a game as a result of a botched timeout or a mishandled challenge.

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