TRADE NEWS: The Lions are urged to consider adding a versatile defensive lineman valued at $141 million this offseason…

This offseason, the Detroit Lions have already added two new defensive lineman to their roster.

Lions Urged to Consider Adding Veteran Calais Campbell

However, Christian Booher of’s All Lions isn’t against the Lions continuing to chase veteran Calais Campbell.

Before training camp begins, Booher listed Campbell as one of the seven defensive free agents the Lions could potentially pursue.

As he can play on the outside and establish the edge or assist in stopping the run on the inside, Campbell provides versatility on the defensive line, according to Booher. As this would be Campbell’s 17th season, he might not be at his best.

But he might also be a helpful tutor for young players like Mekhi Wingo and Brodric Martin.

Booher added that Campbell was a target for the Lions’ offseason signing. But he signed a one-year contract to play with the Atlanta Falcons.

Campbell recorded 56 total tackles while at Atlanta, with 10 of those being for loss. In 17 games, he also recorded 6.5 sacks, 17 quarterback hits, 1 pass defence, and 1 forced fumble.

Campbell was among the NFL’s top defensive linemen from 2014 to 20. He was a member of the All-Pro team three times and the Pro Bowl six times in that seven-year span.

In addition to being nominated for the Pro Bowl and first team All-Pro, he placed second in the Defensive Player of the Year competition in 2017.

In his 16-year NFL tenure, Campbell has made $141.67 million in earnings.

How the Lions Could Use Calais Campbell

Not long before the regular season starts, Campbell will be 38. However, it’s possible that he still has some energy left, which would make him a valuable addition to the Lions defensive line.

Booher felt that Campbell might serve as a mentor and a versatile defensive lineman for Detroit.

Because of his solid reputation as a former captain, the veteran is well regarded throughout the league, according to Booher. “He could be helpful for Detroit both on and off the pitch if he has some production left in him.”

There isn’t a big need for the Lions at any one defensive line position because they added several defensive ends and defensive tackles this summer. However, Detroit might find Campbell’s versatility highly enticing.

Campbell played all over the Falcons defensive line in Atlanta the previous season, most of his snaps being near the edge. He has spent the majority of his playing career there.

2008 saw Campbell start his NFL career with the Arizona Cardinals as a second-round selection. From 2008 to 2013, he had five seasons with at least six sacks. However, starting in 2014, he improved and gained more respect across the league.

An undrafted free agent, Campbell joined the Jacksonville Jaguars prior to what was maybe his best NFL season of 2017. Campbell played with the Baltimore Ravens for three seasons following his three seasons in Jacksonville, and he then spent 2023 in Atlanta.

Campbell has accumulated 105.5 sacks, 175 tackles for loss, 254 quarterback hits, and 17 forced fumbles in 244 NFL games.

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