A SAD TIME!! Braves swimming in tears over the departure of the team left fielder is facing a critical setback.

The Atlanta Braves don’t need any more injuries to teach them the value of organizational depth. With season-ending ailments to Ronald Acuña and Spencer Strider, and other brief IL stints for other-star players, the Braves have already dealt with their fair share of the injury bug in 2024.

But on June 5, they learned about the importance of depth again despite appearing to avoid a major injury to another starter.

Jared Kelenic, a left fielder, injured his wrist during Wednesday’s 9-0 loss to the Boston Red Sox. After breaking his wrist on a diving grab in the sixth inning, he didn’t leave the game right away, but he did leave.

However, X-ray results were negative.

According to Justin Toscano of the Atlanta Journal-Constitution, Kelenic stated, “I think I got lucky.” “I accidentally jammed my wrist a tiny bit.” passed every test and didn’t experience any strange symptoms. I’m just a little stiff right now, but that will pass.

Can Atlanta Braves Outfielder Jarred Kelenic Sustain Hot Start?

Kelenic should avoid any time on the injured list. But with Acuña already out, Kelenic’s injury scare should work as a reminder to the Braves about how little wiggle room they have in the outfield.

Other than Kelenic, the Braves have outfielders Michael Harris II, Adam Duvall and J.P. Martinez on the roster. Since Acuña’s injury on May 26, Harris, Duvall and Kelenic have started nine straight games.

Designated hitter Marcell Ozuna was once an outfielder, but he has played only two games in the outfield since the start of the 2023 season.

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