Trade update: It’s essential, According to the Cubs owner, the three young players must be signed due to..

In the next month and a half, Jed Hoyer and the Chicago Cubs front staff will need to make some important decisions. Do they believe their team will be able to compete this year? That will be the most important query of all.

As the season progresses, the Cubs are in serious trouble. They have been losing a lot, and there are no indications that they will be able to turn things around. Every team experiences slumps, but Chicago needs to shake this one off quickly.

The Cubs are merely 31-33 following their most recent series loss to the Cincinnati Reds. They’re still very much in the hunt for the Wild Card and NL Central, but things must quickly turn around. There is no doubting Chicago’s roster’s skill and promise. Even with their troubles with injuries earlier in the season, they were managing to win. They must figure out a means to return to it.

It makes sense for the Cubs to be proactive before the trade deadline if they really think they can contend this season. Hoyer will have the chance to go after a number of well-known players who could help Chicago get to the postseason.

Having stated that, let’s get started and examine three players the Cubs ought to target before to the MLB trade deadline.

3. Mason Miller, Closer

In a critical situation, a name they have been associated with quite a bit would be ideal. For the whole season, Chicago has had trouble finishing games. Adbert Alzolay has not lived up to expectations, and the Cubs ought to get a new closer.

Mason Miller, the closer for the Oakland Athletics, is a candidate to be traded before the deadline. In addition, at just 25 years old, he offers lots of team control to the person who closes the deal to sign him.

With 22 games pitched in, 12 saves, and a 2.20 ERA, Miller has had a fantastic season. He would stabilize a nasty area of the bullpen in Chicago. Although acquiring Miller would come at a high cost, it would be the best option for the Cubs to add a significant player for the present and the future.

2. Pete Alonso, First Baseman

Over the past few years, it seems that Pete Alonso, the star slugger for the New York Mets, has been the subject of every significant trade speculation involving Chicago.

Slugging and power have been two more areas this season where the Cubs have struggled. Hoyer has even stated in the open that the team requires more power. Although individuals reaching their full potential could address it internally, acquiring Alonso would also be a highly significant move.

This season, Alonso has a.238 batting average, 14 home runs, and 31 RBIs. When he steps up to the plate, he always poses a threat to go deep. If Chicago believes they need another slugger, they might go up to the top of the lineup with the big trade for Alonso.

1. Yusei Kikuchi, Starting Pitcher

It’s also possible that the Cubs will try to acquire a starting pitcher before the deadline. Though there are a few options, starting pitcher Yusei Kikuchi of the Toronto Blue Jays might be a wise choice.

To begin with, trading for Kikuchi won’t cost Chicago a lot of money. They wouldn’t need to delve too far into their farming setup. He’s also had a strong season, so the Cubs may want to add him to their rotation.

With Toronto this season, Kikuchi has started 13 games and amassed a 3-5 record with a 3.48 ERA. He would enter the game right away and assist in lessening the suffering caused by Kyle Hendricks’ cruel problems, which have forced him into the bullpen. An initial Although Kikuchi would not be Chicago’s most urgent need, he would be a valuable addition to the rotation.


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