DONE DEAL: The incredibly gifted young player has finally agreed to a three-year, $23 million contract with the Cubs.

Chicago Cubs Sign Jackson Tetreault to Minor League Deal


With their newest addition, the Chicago Cubs are once again going above and beyond. Jackson Tetreault has officially been included to the squad. As the second former National to sign with the team in May, he does so alongside Kyle McGowin.

Jackson Tetreault makes Major League debut for Nationals

Tetreault is still a pitcher to watch, but his performance was strong enough to attract attention recently. Before deciding to sign with the Cubs, he had talks with the Toronto Blue Jays.

Since 2022, Tetreault’s career has been interrupted by a fractured right scapula. He played for the High-A Wilmington Blue Rocks in 2023, demonstrating his commitment to the team. Due to the unsatisfactory outcomes, he left the Nationals organization in November.

Throughout the 2024 season, the Cubs have been signing reclamation projects left and right. Even though most of them won’t work out, it will have been worthwhile if one of them succeeds in making it to the major leagues and makes a difference.

Tetreault has had to overcome an injury, so if he is the one, it will be a beautiful redemption story. The Cubs need someone to step up since they are having trouble as a team.

Tetreault intends to climb the Cubs system in order to potentially return to Major League Baseball. It is encouraging that players searching for their identity view the Cubs as the team to assist, especially in light of the attention from other organizations.

They’ve been successful in creating a fantastic atmosphere for it. One outstanding example of the team’s pitching infrastructure is reliever Mark Leiter Jr.

Although Tetreault’s deal carries no risk, the Cubs should have long since moved on to more significant improvements to the team. Right now, there should be more focus on deadline acquisitions.

Not that they can’t “walk and chew bubblegum” simultaneously. However, it is difficult for fans to become enthused about these kinds of signings.

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