Breaking: Anthony Richardson, the Colts offense pass the “stress test” of the offseason program.

Indianapolis Colts downplay severity of Anthony Richardson injury |  Sporting News

Before Shane Steichen arrived, the Colts’ situation had turned into a hopeless nightmare, particularly on offense. Its offensive surge down the line, spearheaded by Jeff Saturday and Parks Frazier, left them with a 1-7 record and further cemented their bottom-of-the-league standings in all major categories.

The latter part of the 2022 season saw a few late additions to the injured reserve, which hurt Indianapolis’s prospects of making a comeback. However, the quality of the personnel that was available—or not—in any of those weeks was nothing compared to the trajectory that the offense had descended into.

To put it plainly, the Indianapolis Colts offense needed a complete makeover after their terrible 2022 campaign. Here is an offensive comparison of how they performed after one season under Steichen to 2022 in terms of scoring, conversions, and turnovers.

2022 scoring

T-31st with 15 pass touchdowns
T-31st with 7 rush touchdowns.
With 311.6 offensive yards per game, it ranks 26th.
T-31st best offensive scorer (16.1 PPG)

T-24 in terms of Pass TDs (18)
7th in terms of rush touchdowns (19)
With 336.8 offensive yards per game, it is ranked 15th.
Score offense ranking T-10th (23.3 PPG)
2022 Conversions

Rank 29th in 3rd Down 33%
25th in 4th Down percentage (43.5%)
Red Zone Scoring Percentage – TD alone (45.83%): 29th

35.3 percent, 26th in 3rd Down %
4th Down % (50.0%) T-16th
Red Zone 23rd The score for TD alone is 49.12%.
Revenues 2022

Most INTs misdirected (18)
T-most errors (33)
Six giveaways out of a total of 31 are the most.
second most frequent dismissal (58)
NFL’s worst TO differential (-13) 2023

T-7th least number of thrown INTs (10)
T-7th highest number of errors (12)
T-15th place out of 22 giveaways
T-16th in the frequency of sacks (41)
T-12th NFL TO differential (+2)

In just one season, Shane Steichen’s offensive prowess has already paid off for Indianapolis. The little number of team statistics that are displayed to you clearly show this.

But when you combine this 2023 offense with a healthy backfield of Jonathan Taylor and Anthony Richardson, along with the other new players joining this Colts offense, there’s good reason to think this Indianapolis hype train will start to gain traction and become a formidable machine as early as 2024.

A wise guy once advised against standing on the tracks when a train is approaching. The Colts are led by Shane Steichen, and if anyone doesn’t think his influence has improved the team’s trajectory, this bullet train won’t stop.

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