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Andy Reid Takes Unique Approach in Building Strong Team Culture For Kansas City Chiefs

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Andy Reid is certainly an interesting coach. Without his on-the-field success, many would see him as an outsider with his unique personality, hobbies, and let’s be honest, love of food. If you were to create the stereotypical coach on AI, Coach Andy Reid would not be one of the first few results.

Yet, that makes him such an interesting figure in the NFL. There isn’t another coach in the NFL or any U.S. professional sport filming State Farm commercials where he is leaning into his love of food. In other words, he is a likable coach, and his unique approach to the game is one of his great attributes that has led to the team’s success over the past five years.

Rather than leaning into team-building activities like team trips, meals, or other events, Andy Reid believes that one of the best ways to build up the team is through service. Reid made the following statement at a fundraising banquet held by the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-Day Saints in New York City. It is common in high school and college for players to still be very much bought into the concept of a team, but it is tougher to get the buy-in in the NFL because players are often more interested in themselves and their own paychecks.

We believe that the service fosters unity.Since we all come from diverse backgrounds, being able to unite and accomplish that even strengthens our bond as a team.It’s comparable to being asked to run wind sprints. When you’re done and feel pretty good about yourself, you love it even though you hated it the minute before. Thus, with charitable work, that does occasionally happen.

Reid actively participates in the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-Day Saints, an organization that encourages community involvement and ministry. Utah has the greatest rate of service of any state in the union, with the largest LDS population (about 45% of the state).

The Kansas City Chiefs have a reputation for being involved in the community. Before their playoff game last year, players gave away free Peacock subscriptions—which could only be accessed via streaming—to one another. With its Chiefs Kingdom Kids programs and NFL flag football squad, Kansas City boasts one of the best youth camps in the country.

Chiefs quarterback Patrick Mahomes established “15 and the Mahomies,” a foundation through which he assists and motivates young people, aged 11 to 18, to volunteer for at least 15 hours over the summer while they are not in school. 22,764 hours of community service were completed through this program in the previous year.

Travis Kelce founded the “87 and Running” organization, which gives more than 2,300 kids access to after-school activities and remote learning support.

To be honest, it takes a specific kind of personality to make it to the NFL, and even for those who succeed, problems frequently arise when too many of those individuals gather together. Despite their success, athletes frequently lose their cool and become irate with coaches, teammates, and the team.

Throughout these five years of success, the Chiefs haven’t had the ideal locker room, but they have generally been able to keep its core cohesive and content. Is there any chance that Coach Reid’s service is somewhat to blame for this?

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