Breaking: four player could be leaving Denver Broncos before 2024 NFL trade deadline..

Unfortunately, there is a chance that the Denver Broncos could be sellers at the NFL trade deadline in 2024, and they could

ship away these three players. I surely hope the Broncos can be buyers at the trade deadline; that would be the best-case

scenario for the team. Many are not high on Denver for the 2024 NFL Season, but they have the formula to be a breakout


I could be getting ahead of myself, but them finishing with a winning record would not surprise me. However, the flip side of

that is them not being any good and being sellers at the deadline. In that case, let’s look at three players Denver could ship

away at the 2024 NFL trade deadline.

3 players the Denver Broncos could trade at the 2024 NFL trade deadline
WR Courtland Sutton

Regretfully, the Denver Broncos may decide to offload these three players during the NFL trade deadline in 2024 if they

decide to be sellers. The best-case scenario for the Broncos would be to be buyers at the trade deadline, which is something I

sincerely hope happens. Although Denver has the makings of a breakout squad, many people have low expectations for them

in the 2024 NFL season.

They could be getting ahead of themselves, but I wouldn’t be surprised if they ended up with a winning record. On the other

hand, if they don’t perform well by the deadline, they will be sellers. Let’s examine three players Denver may send away at

the 2024 NFL trade deadline in that scenario.

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