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Colts Defender Reveals His Honest Thoughts On Anthony Richardson

The Indianapolis Colts have struggled to find a long-term quarterback since superstar Andrew Luck unexpectedly announced his retirement at the age of 29, despite still being one of the NFL’s best quarterbacks. Instead, the team has seen a steady influx and outflow of quarterbacks who are past their prime.

Following Luck’s retirement, the Colts were believed to have struck gold with high-profile quarterbacks like Philip Rivers and Matt Ryan. However, both veterans did not work out in Indianapolis; Ryan was significantly older than Rivers and struggled during his brief stay on the team.

Luckily for Indianapolis, there appears to be some optimism for the future after the team selected Anthony Richardson, a top player for the Florida Gators, in the 2018 draft. Richardson will likely start for the team in Week 1.

Despite a lot of criticism and skepticism over Richardson’s potential to succeed in the NFL, the former Florida quarterback adjusted well and quickly established his value for Indianapolis.

Richardson’s season was cut short by a shoulder injury, but he’s back to full strength and receiving high marks from teammates, including linebacker E.J. Speed, who spoke highly of him on “Up & Adams.”

“He has such humility. We should really be able to see who he is this season, in my opinion,” Speed remarked.

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