Breaking: Lincoln City has finally revealed their prefer goalkeeper for the 2024/2025 campaign…

Since the Imps are not making any noise and Millwall is making a lot, I believe it is safe to infer that a move is imminent. It’s

quiet for the time being, but as we’ve seen, when similar chatter has occurred in the past, a rebuke has been given. That

probably means there is some merit to the news report.

The Imps now have a significant move to make. Although neither Zach Jeacock nor Jamie Pardington are now seen as the

team’s top player, we do know that they have entered as backups in order to establish careers here. That means that, should

Jensen depart, I anticipate that we will sign a third goalkeeper this summer.

I’m sure the team will select a respectable goalkeeper because they’ve had excellent success in the past buying keepers. For

two reasons, I believe a loan is likely. First off, we probably would have signed any competent free agency keepers by now.

Secondly, unless the transaction was a real steal, we probably wouldn’t bring in another goalie permanently above one of our

two new faces if our goal is to make them the best player in the long run.

In light of this, I decided to go over the young goalkeepers to see if any could be loaned out this season or if we could steal

them for a cheap. They exist for your amusement.

Remember this that I sincerely don’t have any inside knowledge, and that this is a speculative piece. Every statistic is from Wyscout.

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