Breaking news: Another record set, Millwall owner public announced as the team set a powerful records after 70 years..

Following the elimination of COVID-19 limitations, which allowed fans to once again attend matches without restriction, club employees have collaborated to raise attendances since the 2021/22 campaign.

“A huge amount of work has gone into driving up average attendances across the club, with staff in many different departments working tirelessly to appeal to both our loyal local fanbase and also our rapidly growing international following,” stated Luke Wilson, Chief Commercial Officer of Millwall.

“I want to express my gratitude to everyone who put forth effort and, of course, to our devoted fans who came to The Den to show their support for the team. We’re excited to bring about some interesting improvements to the matchday experience in August, and we expect to break yet another record the following season.”

Over a triennial span, The Den’s mean attendance has surged by nearly 4,000, rising from 12,950 to 16,544. The increase in attendance is attributed to two factors: a rise in weekly attendance rather than fixture selection, and nearly 9,000 season tickets sold in advance of the 2023–2024 season, shattering previous records.

Additionally, Millwall’s global fanbase is growing steadily. Last season, a remarkable 11,000 distinct foreign fans came to SE16 for at least one game—a 63% rise over 2022–2023’s total. On December 29, 2023, Millwall defeated Norwich City at home in front of 1,764 enthusiastic foreign fans—a record for a single game at The Den, by some by.

Thousands of fans have traveled from 70 different countries and territories, including some more remote locations like the islands of Aruba and Réunion, to experience the flavour of Millwall Football Club. 1,351 German Lions fans visited us last season, accounting for nearly 15% of our global viewership. Almost a thousand Americans showed up to support the team shortly after which came the Dutch compatriots of Zian Flemming.

The remaining four of the club’s top five international fan bases were from Italy and Sweden; all five are from Nordic nations, with Denmark, Finland, Norway, and Sweden accounting for the majority of the overseas fan base.

Additionally, records were set at home. In 2023–2024, little more than 7,000 fans from the UK made their first visit to The Den.

You can join the 2024–25 campaign if you haven’t already by clicking the link below!

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