Breaking news: There is a chance that two Vikings draft selections will be cut off owing to..

Kwesi Adofo-Mensah was hired by the Minnesota Vikings as general manager before the 2022 NFL Draft. Even though he has only been working for three months, many people’s perceptions of him will probably be shaped by the outcomes of that draft.

Safety Lewis Cine, the highest choice in that class, was chosen 32nd overall following a contentious trade down from 12th overall with the Detroit Lions. Jameson Williams, a wide receiver, was chosen at that position, although his success hasn’t been guaranteed.

Cornerback Andrew Booth Jr. and film star Cine might be the first two picks in the 2022 NFL Draft to be eliminated. “Light bulb not going on” was how The Star Tribune’s Andrew Krammer described Access Vikings’ development.

You don’t want to hear this about these two. In their debut year, Booth and Cine both suffered injuries. When you combine that with the plan change in which they were not chosen to participate, it began to make some sense as to why they saw minimal action in 2023.

Their careers as Vikings players may come to an end if they struggle till 2024.

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